‘A resident reported a large light in the sky. It was the moon.’

June 18, 2014
Pictured: The moon. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

Police blotters are, in their own particular way, an art form that can distillate local news into something transcendent. They function both as a means for conveying information as well as providing a pithy mechanism for said conveyance. There are tales of sadness, naturally, but the blotters are also filled with stories of people stealing a single tomato (value: $3) and puppies on the loose (“not causing problems, just loose”) and individuals calling the police to report strange sounds that turned out to be a cat getting inside a piano. Over at the Fix, Jaime Fuller has a wonderful look at some of the oddest things that have appeared on the country’s police blotters over the years.

Mark Berman is a reporter on the National staff. He runs Post Nation, a destination for breaking news and developing stories from around the country.
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Mark Berman · June 18, 2014