Three KKK members who worked in a Florida prison accused of plot to kill inmate

The three men are accused of conspiring to kill an African American former inmate.

The No. 2 man on al-Qaeda’s hit list is not in hiding after Paris attack. He’s selling french fries in Florida.

Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones says a widely circulated poster calling for his execution has actually increased french fry sales.

Two professors set a new world record after living underwater for 73 days

"There is a sun, I forgot all about that," remarked one professor when they emerged at the surface.

This is a photo of Santa Claus getting a nose rub from a dog. At a Christmas ‘Paw-ty.’

[Peppermint bark joke here.]

Watch these Good Samaritans pull a 92-year-old from a sinking car in Florida

The man's car crashed into the water earlier this week.

The Florida capitol’s holiday display will include a festive message from the Satanic Temple

An angel will drop from the sky into a pit of flames on the rotunda in front of the capitol building in Tallahassee.

In wake of Florida State shooting, spotlight returns to mental health issues and violence

Authorities say May wounded three during the shooting at Strozier Library before he was killed in a shootout with police.

FSU gunman was in ‘state of crisis’ during shooting, investigators say

Friends describe shooting suspect as a "good kid" and "a saint," but journals, videos indicate someone very different, police say.

Man finds corpse in foreclosed Florida home

"It's disappointing and a sad thing that nobody cared enough to check."

The man who tried to shut down a kid’s lemonade stand is now under investigation

A Florida man is under investigation for potentially running an unlicensed home business, just days after his quest to shut down a 12-year-old's lemonade stand went viral.

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