NTSB: Truck hit by California commuter train was not stuck

Police arrested a driver from Arizona for leaving the scene of the fiery crash.

Commuter train in California hits truck and derails, injuring 28

The driver of the truck fled the scene but was later arrested, police say.

Metro-North engineer slowed train before fatal crash, NTSB says

A preliminary report said that the engineer used the emergency brake to slow the train just before the crash.

New York could have a citywide ferry system by 2017

The trips would cost as much as riding the subway, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Delaware wants to be the first state with digital driver’s licenses

Smartphones have replaced credit cards for many. Could they also replace driver’s licenses? And what problems could that create?

More than 4,200 flights canceled, airports across Northeast shut down

Airports in New York, Philadelphia and Boston will see little or no flights on Tuesday.

Why Uber will limit its surge pricing during the snow emergency

The company said last year it would limit surge pricing during emergencies.

Flights grounded and travel bans issued as ‘historic’ blizzard approaches

Officials across the Northeast urged people to stay home and outlined their storm preparedness.

TSA agents found a lot of loaded guns in carry-on bags last year

Agents found thousands of guns (as well as grenades, knives and other weapons) at airport checkpoints.

Inches from death in a 26-car pileup, an Oregon man can’t believe he’s alive

Whitby walked away from the devastating crash with a couple of Band-Aids

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