In the Loop

We've asked Loop fans to come up with ideas for the other Republicans to take on Trump. Can it be done?

Little People of America asked the government to stop calling raisins "midgets."

Hillary Clinton isn't the only one.

Rep. Matt Salmon angered parents when he visited a local elementary school for a civics chat.

Viewers often complain to FCC when they don't like what's on TV. "19 Kids and Counting" was no exception.

The contest is to help increase awareness of plug-in electric vehicles.

Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton show up multiple times in the cheating Web site's database.

Remember the Ken Starr report? You can thank Carly Fiorina's dad.

GOP candidates are having a tough time figuring out how to overtake Trump. We think Loop fans can help.

The Clinton campaign wants to know if it needs to count donors' buying their own food at events as 'in kind contributions.'

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