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"But right now I'm fighting w the WH operator who doesn't believe I am who I say ... "

A senior member made Kennedy down Scotch before he gave him his committee assignments.

We thought we'd seen every type of fundraising plea.

A former Senate curator said items like water glasses from major events should be saved as historical artifacts.

But to drink from the same glass as the pope? Priceless.

With lawsuit pending, House Ethics Committee keeping open investigation into Farenthold's office's treatment of fired staffer.

There's nothing politicians don't see as a fundraising opportunity.

Rep. Bob Brady (D-Pa.) saw Pope Francis drink from a water glass. And he had to have it.

IG to investigate whether taxpayers paid for any of the $1 million that troops and DOD civilians spent at casinos and strip clubs.

Only six members of Congress are foreign-born.

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