Scientists are figuring out some weird things about a star they’ve nicknamed ‘Nasty’

Scientists don't know what will happen to "Nasty" in the future, "but it definitely will not be boring," one researcher said.

Lil Bub, famous Internet cat, is getting her genome sequenced

For science! Because Internet.

Scientists give yeast human genes to show how much we have in common

The scientists were able to create hundreds of human-yeast hybrids that survived just fine.



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Octopuses don’t really need eyes to ‘see’ light: They have sensors in their skin, study says

Who needs eyes or a brain when you've got skin?

Dogs have been man’s best friend for much longer than we thought, a study suggests

Researchers use DNA evidence to show that dogs split from wolves 27,000 to 40,000 years ago.

After years of paralysis, a man drinks a beer with the help of a mind-reading robot

The arm taps into a different part of the brain than most mind-controlled prosthetics.

This bug’s pick up line to females draws a biting response: Death

They sing to attract mates. And when they do, they die.

Hunts will continue, even after Japanese zoos vote to stop buying captured dolphins

The traditional drive-hunts documented in "The Cove" won't stop, the Taiji mayor declared.

Texas hunter who paid $350,000 to kill an endangered black rhino has bagged his prey

"I felt like from day one it was benefiting the black rhino, and I'll feel like that until the day that I die," Corey Knowlton said.

Chickens from hell and crop circles in the sea: Scientists announce top 10 new species of the year

And the winners are...

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