New tech companies say freelancing is the future of work. But there’s a downside for workers.

More companies are switching their workforce to freelance. Policy needs to catch up.

Mississippi – yes, Mississippi – has the nation’s best child vaccination rate. Here’s why.

Public health trumps personal choice in Mississippi. But the program’s success is under threat.

Why Internet journalists don’t organize

The booming world of web media is almost entirely non-union, for reasons that are as much generational as structural.



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Forget ‘anti-vaxxers.’ The Disney measles outbreak could change the minds of an even more crucial group.

Doctors hope "vaccine-hesitant" parents will be moved by the outbreak at a popular vacation spot.

What happens when app-makers work with the taxi industry, not against it

New Uber-like apps may help give the taxi cab industry a chance at survival.

What an Ohio fire truck company tells us about globalization and free trade

Think free trade deals will help small businesses? It's a lot more complicated than that.

One surprising winner of lower gas prices: your child’s education

The nation's schools could see big benefits from spending less at the pump.

Millions of ex-cons still can’t get jobs. Here’s how the White House could help fix that.

There are a lot of good rules on the books already -- if only they were enforced.

President Obama told a story last night. It almost worked.

A heartwarming tale of a Minnesota couple muddled his message on the economy.

Watching the SOTU with millennials: booze, libertarians and a la carte beliefs

"I’m not going to let a party define me." A night of politics and drinking with young Washingtonians.

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