Years later, afternoon television is still searching for its new Oprah -- and now, Fox is turning to married couples as hosts.

Stewart originally thought it would be the perfect job for Schumer, but after he saw "Trainwreck," he realized she's meant to be a movie star.

Stewart ripped some people apart. But he genuinely enjoyed some, as well.

King, a Trekkie, told Nichelle Nichols she was a symbol, adding: "If you leave, they can replace you with a blonde haired white girl."

They're all comedians and they're all his friends.

The show will be about cars. That's pretty much all Amazon will say.

Viewers seem to spend as much time griping about leaked plot twists as they do trying to predict them.

Jon Stewart's replacement says he wants to move the show away from being so Fox News-centric.

It's basically a more twisted version of "Who's On First?" that will never let you forget the name of Bieber's new song.

Trying to keep a lid on reality show results in the age of a million apps? That could be a fascinating topic to discuss.

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