When you've lost a child, basic small talk can feel like a minefield.

How to keep a conversation hog in check when exclusion is too cruel an option?

How to be thoughtful on Mother's Day towards a sister who's had trouble conceiving?

How can a mother help her daughter with a decision when she has no personal experience to draw from?

After a dramatic weight loss, how to shake off the negative feelings about gaining new attention from those who previously ignored her?

I offered to host a baby shower, but the expectant mother is turning it into something I won't enjoy. Is it too late to back out?

I passed out in bed with my friend's husband. Do I tell her?

Now that the wedding's off, what to do on what would have been their wedding day?

Now that she's pregnant, co-workers are commenting on her choices. How does she respond?

A troubled teenage niece is pregnant, and the shower invitation leaves the letter writer wondering what her role should be.

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