This is how Twitter’s new anti-harassment filter works. (Surprise! It works really well.)

Twitter has taken its biggest step yet against harassment on the platform.

In defense of Trevor Noah’s stupid, tasteless tweets

Six bad tweets out of 8,900? Seriously?

What happens when you livestream your office fridge on Periscope

It's the first meme of the live-streaming era. We're just not sure we understand it.

Why did Instagram censor this photo of a fully clothed woman on her period?

The photos were intended to show that Western society is uncomfortable with women's bodies. Mission accomplished!

What was fake on the Internet this week: Chinua Achebe’s death and Michelle Obama shaving her head

The 51st installment in a weekly series that debunks the Web's hoaxes, rumors and exaggerations.

48 hours inside the Internet’s ‘most toxic’ community

It's not at all what you'd expect.

Is the Internet giving us all ADHD?

We just thought the Internet was distracting. But one psychologist says what we call distraction actually looks a whole lot like ADHD.

Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ wants to rewire your relationship to the past. Here’s why that’s strange.

Facebook's new feature fixes a problem that social media created.

From to How the golden age of domain-trolling was born

There is nothing stopping you from registering,, or any number of other crazy domains.

A love letter to OpnLttr, the most passive-aggressive site on the Internet

The little-known British site is a (hilarious!) clearinghouse for thousands of simmering personal grievances.

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