Social media

The week ordinary users beat the Internet

The Web is as much a force acting on us as we're a force acting on it.

Facebook is embroiled in yet another breastfeeding photo controversy

The #brelfie -- yep, that's "breastfeeding selfie" -- is apparently huge in the U.K.

Why would anyone in her right mind use Venmo?

The mobile payments app shares everything you pay your friends for -- publicly.

Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign is the ugliest thing on the Internet today

I don't need a multibillion dollar corporation telling me how to feel about myself, thanks.

Reddit’s new privacy policy bans sharing nude images without consent

It's a huge win in the ongoing battle against "revenge porn."

Inside Tumblr’s teen suicide epidemic

Two months, three suicides -- and three dangerously viral suicide notes.

Why teens are leaving Facebook: It’s ‘meaningless’

A 16-year-old teensplains the great Facebook exodus

Meet the Spanish shoeshine guy who secretly guards Twitter’s greatest real estate

Javier Castaño is on a quest to return high-profile Twitter handles to their rightful owners.

Pinterest deleted Rand Paul’s sexist and unfunny Hillary Clinton ‘parody’

A Pinterest spokesman said it violated the site's "acceptable use" policy.

When I die, give my Facebook to Stedt: A chat with my digital mortician

This is death in the age of social media

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