The police officers’ bill of rights

The extra protections many cities and states give to cops make it much more difficult to investigate them after they've committed crimes.

Morning links: Loretta Lynch to bring a more pro-police approach to Justice Department

Plus: Most federal terror busts have been setups, another video of another cop shooting another unarmed man, a free-speech-crippling add-on in the human trafficking bill.

The drug war marches on

Don't count on the institutions that have been benefiting from the war on drugs to slow down anytime soon.

Morning links: Supreme Court says cops can’t extend traffic stops for dog searches

Plus: More questions for presidential candidates, DOJ to investigate the death of Freddie Gray, DEA chief resigns.

A brief history of forensics

From the very start, our courts have misunderstood the nature and value of forensic evidence.

State seizes 11-year-old, arrests his mother after he defends medical marijuana during a school presentation

The boy was defending his mother's use of a drug that helps her deal with an awful condition.

Morning links: Tulsa deputies reportedly asked to falsify records about Robert Bates’s training

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The missing piece of the criminal justice reform movement

Reformers need to exact a political price on public officials who get it wrong.

Afternoon links: The First Amendment shouldn’t need scare quotes

Plus: Why we look for blame after tragedies, TSA groping scandal in Denver, and repeat offender Baltimore cop still getting paid.

‘Sometimes, peace is purchased with violence’

A new documentary explores the increasing emptiness of the term "peace officer."

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