Morning links: Texas Bar to investigate prosecutor who secured wrongful murder conviction

  • The Los Angeles Police Department will stop cooperating with some federal deportation efforts.
  • Chicago cop Curtis Scherr helped his daughter-in-law illegally grow marijuana in order to treat his granddaughter’s brain tumor. After the granddaughter died, Scherr then turned his daughter-in-law in and obtained a warrant to search her home.
  • The Texas State Bar will move forward with a disciplinary hearing against former Burleson County district attorney Charles Sebesta, the prosecutor who won the wrongful conviction and death sentence in the Anthony Graves case.
  • E-mails show that U.S. Marshals and stingray manufacturers urged local police to lie to judges and prosecutors about how the devices are used. Keep in mind, these aren’t national security investigations.
  • The Obama administration is using access to water to continue the war on pot.
Radley Balko blogs about criminal justice, the drug war and civil liberties for The Washington Post. He is the author of the book "Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces."
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Radley Balko · July 7, 2014