A bite mark matching advocacy group just conducted a study that discredits bite mark evidence

They then tried to suppress the results.

In Louisiana prosecutor offices, a toxic culture of death and invincibility

Some DA's offices mix a macabre obsession with death and lust for capital punishment and an utter lack of accountability.

Prosecutors look out for No. 1

The outrageous case in Kern County is far from the worst misconduct scandal in California. It isn' t even the worst in Kern County.

This week in innocence: Derrick Hamilton

More fallout from the Hynes-Scarcella scandal in Brooklyn

Your police raid outrage of the day

Police stage a violent raid on a depressed man because he didn't answer the door, then charge him with resisting arrest.

Two videos demonstrate the immense power of prosecutors

When a prosecutor has targeted you, even winning nearly always means losing.

Calif. prosecutors opt for freeing accused murderers instead of transparency

A sordid scandal gathers momentum in Orange County.

Jerry Brown vetoes bill aimed at holding prosecutors more accountable

The California governor doesn't appear to be taking prosecutorial misconduct very seriously.

Darryl Howard will be tried again

New Durham DA will retry a man whose conviction was tossed after judge found misconduct by former prosecutor Mike Nifong.

Add it to the pile: Misbehaving Bronx prosecutors rarely sanctioned

Whether it's for withholding evidence or DWI, consequences for prosecutors are rare.

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