Morning links: New Jersey requires local approval before police agencies can accept military gear

Plus: Chicago cops now do more "stop-and-frisks" than NYPD ever did, DOJ finds police shootings common in Philly, redemption for prosecutors but not for prisoners.

Morning links: Obama promises to step up use of clemency/pardon power

Plus: Investigating Shaken Baby Syndrome, prosecutor of exonerated man shows remorse, and the odd art of narc patches.

Lunch links: Willingham prosecutor faces ethics charges

Plus: Puppycide in San Diego, the criminalization of childhood, another allegation of abuse against Virginia's alcohol control agency.

Late morning links: War is here to stay

Plus: Missouri to execute a man missing part of his brain, shouting "fire" in a crowded theater, another mistaken drug raid

Morning links: Ferguson shooter says he wasn’t aiming at police

Plus: Why conservatives should care about Ferguson, New Orleans DA threatens to prosecute recanting witnesses, and another glorious drug war victory

Morning links: Two police officers shot in Ferguson

Plus: At least 200 people killed by police in 2015, innocence won't always get you out of prison, and even racist speech is protected by the First Amendment.

Morning links: A new junk science emerges

Plus: More revelations from Ferguson, double standards in prosecutor/defense attorney accountability, conservatives against the death penalty.

Morning links: Justice Department report finds systemic racial bias in Ferguson

Plus: Public officials push back on forfeiture reform, Maryland CPS strikes back at "free range parenting," verdicts in the "Kettle Falls Five" cases

Morning links: DOJ expected to criticize Ferguson PD for racial bias

Plus: New LAPD shooting caught on video, Ohio judge targets critic, 80K in solitary confinement on a given day

Afternoon links: Federal appeals court rules for police whistleblowers

Plus: The case against Loretta Lynch, car-collecting couple wrongly arrested, jails moving to "video visitation."

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