Florida Keys: Sunshine, blue skies and genetically-modified mosquitoes?

If federal regulators sign off, millions of the genetically-modified bugs could soon be buzzing around the Keys.

People in Peru are drinking an endangered species: Frog juice. For the (supposed) health benefits.

The Titicaca water frog is an endangered species that makes its home in Andean rivers. It's also the key ingredient in a popular drink.

The latest victims of Ebola? Pets — abandoned at zoos in Africa

Caretakers of the animals are leaving them at facilities and on the streets as fear of the deadly virus spreads.

Oxford study predicts 15 more countries are at risk of Ebola exposure

Ebola's animal reservoir, fruit bats, could spread the disease through the dense forest that spans 22 countries, the study predicts.

To understand how jealousy works, take a look at your dog

Dogs do experience jealousy, according to a new study. And their motivations might teach us about our own.

Rats feel regret like humans, and it might help us better understand our feelings

They look back at they’re missed opportunity, as if to say 'I wish I could go back and do it all over again.'