Two Tommy John surgeries may be too much of a good thing for MLB pitchers

Some don't make it back, and the careers of those who do are shorter.

You might as well jump — everyone else does these days

With the NCAA tournament upon us, I looked into why jumping seems to be a part of so many workouts.

Early music training prevents loss of listening skills later in life

The results add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that learning to play an instrument at any age is beneficial.

FDA clears new medical app to track real-time glucose levels in diabetics

The Food and Drug Administration approves the first set of glucose-monitoring medical apps aimed at automatically and securely sharing data in real time.

D.C. residents have the nation’s best access to exercise opportunities; Mississippi is last

Overall, 77 percent of people in the U.S. have access to at least one park or recreational facility.

Need to survive 16 hours in open water? It helps to be a fullback

Rob Konrad's tale of survival is "remarkable" but "explainable," one expert says.

Can this device trick your brain into helping you lose weight?

FDA approves surgically implanted device meant to trick the brain into making you less hungre

How to avoid products with toxic bisphenol-s

These household products could be toxic.

It’s a week into January and a quarter of us have already abandoned our New Year’s resolutions

Most of us will fail at changing, but people who make resolutions do better than those who don't.

Why women may have more serious allergic reactions than men do

Scientists were stumped.

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