Theranos chief executive Elizabeth Holmes announced Thursday that her company's finger-stick blood test has won clearance from the Food and Drug Administration. In February, Stanford School of Medicine professor John Ioannidis singled out the company for what he called "stealth research."

The woman, who died in spring, most likely contracted the virus from a health facility in Clallam County, Washington.

Researchers say liraglutide, developed as a treatment for for diabetes type 2, helps patients lose weight.

who knew there were so many health benefits to tart cherries? read all about them.

Using extreme language -- from Jim Carrey's Twitter rant to death threats to lawmakers -- opponents to California's new mandatory vaccine law are pushing back.

The milestone is a key step toward eradicating the virus even without a cure, an idea that was once considered a pipe dream but that in recent goals has been considered a realistic goal by world leaders.

Only 6 percent of the 400,000 people whose hearts stop outside hospitals each year survive.

Scientists have tried all kinds of strategies -- blood tests, brain imaging -- but the one that seems most promising may be a simple memory test.

Researchers are calling for a reduction in beverage consumption, what they call a threat to global health.

For some people, stent retrievers work better than a clot dissolving drug alone.

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