The “censorious thuggery” of Ohio Judge Tim Grendell

Things not to do when you are a judge

Iceberg, Goldberg, …

Al Kamen at the Post has the scoop on a funny correction in a Supreme Court oral argument transcript.

Immigrants’ political views are a lot closer to those of natives than you might think

Survey data shows that immigrants' political views are a lot closer to those of natives than many tend to assume. This isn't necessarily a good thing. But it does undermine claims that we must restrict immigration in order to prevent immigrants from changing public policy for the worse by altering the distribution of public opinion.

You think we have a problem with anti-Americanism? Lebanon has a whole Anti-Lebanon mountain range, partly inside its own borders

Plus you'd better not drive your Ford Taurus into the Anti-Taurus Mountains. Wikipedia tells all.

Comments counters coming back soon

Sorry the comments counters on the front page disappeared when the Post changed the template; I'm told that they will be coming back soon. In the meantime, just assume that every post you see has a vibrant and scintillating comment thread that you absolutely must visit.

Leonard Nimoy, RIP

The legendary actor who played Spock has passed away.

James Blumstein on the Administration, the IRS and the ACA: Will the courts rein in the president’s pen?

The noted health law scholar analyzes King v. Burwell, the Obamacare case pending before the Supreme Court.

Debating King v. Burwell: Adler & Severino v. Lazarus & Weiner

A vigorous debate on the Obamacare's latest legal challenge.

Another perspective on the origins of the mutual Obama-Netanyahu disdain

There are many reasons Netanyahu and Obama don't get along. Naturally, Obama and his supporters think it's because Obama has all the great liberal qualities they think Netanyahu lacks. But perhaps they should instead consider how the Obama Administration's arrogance and incompetence poisoned relations between the two governments from the get-go.

How’s this for a working definition of a “libertarian”?

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