Being a ‘multi-cultural community with indigenous roots of Many’ doesn’t let you strip away First and Fifth Amendment rights

A federal court strikes down the Mora County (N.M.) ban on corporations' extracting oil and gas in the country, or even transporting fracking-related materials through the county. The ban also purported to strip First and Fifth Amendment rights from corporations that "seek[] to engage" in such oil and gas extraction -- as well as expressly contemplating secession from the state and the U.S. if the ban is overturned.

The controversial punishment of Barrett Brown: A deep dive

The recent sentencing of Barrett Brown has triggered an outpouring of criticism about federal computer crime prosecutions. This post takes a close look at the Brown sentence to see if the criticisms are justified. It concludes that the judge may have miscalculated Brown's sentence, but not for reasons that many have alleged. And it's not clear if the potential errors hurt Brown or helped him.