The Achilles principle (that would be, ‘time wounds all heels’)

In this case, time go-karting, and being hit by another go-karter. Is the go-kart establishment owner liable?

New draft article, “Norms of Computer Trespass”

It's a crime to access a computer "without authorization," but courts and scholars have struggled to figure out what that means. In a new draft article, I offer a social norms approach to interpreting authorization. Along the way, I explain how the law should apply to a wide range of hard cases.

Iran’s legal claims for seizing the Maersk Tigris

Iran's purported legal justification for seizing the Maersk Tigris is paper thin. Strangely, many standard-bearers for the international rule of law have been rather quiet about this breach.



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U.S. treaty obligation to defend Marshall Islands ships

U.S. defense treaty obligation to Marshall Islands ship and crew held hostage in Iran.

Statutory rape laws and ages of consent in the U.S.

They vary quite a bit. The overwhelming majority of states set the age of consent at 16 or 17, not 18. And many states have even lower ages when the parties are close in age to each other.

Victims of Communism Day

The case for converting May Day into Victims of Communism Day.

Response to left and right-wing critics of the sex discrimination argument against laws banning same-sex marriage [updated with rejoinders to Christopher Green and Andrew Hyman]

My response to critics of the sex discrimination argument against laws banning same-sex marriage. The issue has attracted new attention since it was raised in Tuesday's Supreme Court oral argument.

Law and autocorrect

The conspiracy reaches all the way down to smartphone manufacturers.

City is free to stop allowing unattended nativity scenes — or ‘winter holiday’ displays — in a park

So holds the Ninth Circuit, and correctly so.

Bonds, baseball, and prosecutorial BS

The federal case against Barry Bonds for obstruction of justice was appallingly thin, and deserved to be tossed out.

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