Apple’s dangerous game, part 2: The strongest counterargument

My Friday morning post on Apple's new iOS8 operating system pretty much kicked the Internet hornet's nest, both here and on Twitter. This post discusses what I think is the strongest counterargument made against my post. It's a good argument, and it has pushed me to change my view from "troubled" to "need more information to decide."

Snowden fatigue is spreading abroad

If you think Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald have stopped attacking NSA, you haven’t been following them closely enough. While American media have largely lost interest in Snowden and Greenwald, the pair continue to campaign outside the United States against the intelligence agency. Their most ambitious effort was in New Zealand, a member of the “Five Eyes” intelligence […]

By Stewart Baker September 20

Scotland, Independence, and the Reverse Tinkerbell

Ten years or so ago I coined a phrase (with the help of some VC readers) for a rather odd phenomenon:  the Reverse Tinkerbell.  A Tinkerbell occurs when something is more likely to occur simply as a function of the more people who believe that it will occur – named, of course, for that moment […]

Should we let 16 year olds vote?

Georgetown political theorist Jason Brennan makes a strong case for allowing 16 year olds to vote, as they did in Scotland during the recent referendum on independence. At the very least, we should let minors vote if they have a higher level of political knowledge than the average adult.