Does Google think you’re famous?

I am not a big fan of the EU’s “right to be forgotten,” but it has one silver lining.  I was noodling around with Google’s ever-more-baroque implementation of the principle this weekend, and I discovered that it offers a quick and cheap way to discover just how famous Google thinks you are. To understand how […]

By Stewart Baker 20 hours ago

What happened between John Goodman and NCPA?

Back in June, I noted John Goodman’s strange departure from the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), the Dallas-based think tank he founded in 1983 and ran for thirty years.  Goodman claimed he was ousted in a “coup” while the NCPA Board maintained Goodman was ousted for misconduct. Now D CEO magazine reports that the conflict between Goodman […]

Podcast on “Consumer Credit and the American Economy”

The Federalist Society has posted as a podcast my recent teleforum (with Bill Himpler) on “Consumer Credit and the American Economy” here. Also, for those who prefer your books in electronic form, Oxford has now made the book available in an ebook format for a much lower price than the hardback.

By Todd Zywicki August 30