The next batch of RFRA religious accommodation cases

July 7, 2014

Religious demands for vegetarian diets (such as ones brought by prisoners under RLUIPA): Kohlrabi Lobby.

Radical Islamist religious accommodations: Wahhabi Lobby (the term has already been used in a different context). Non-Wahhabist Muslim accommodations might be the Abu Dhabi Lobby or Chalabi Lobby.

Elves: Dobby Lobby.

Japanese food (perhaps a ritual of the Flying Udon Monster church?): Wasabi Lobby.

Accommodations sought by Gov. Jindal of Louisiana: Bobby Lobby.

UPDATE: Commenter lawmedy reminds us that The Onion anticipated this last year.

Sasha Volokh lives in Atlanta with his wife and three kids, and is an associate professor at Emory Law School. He has written numerous articles and commentaries on law and economics, privatization, antitrust, prisons, constitutional law, regulation, torts, and legal history.
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