Illinois passes historic anti-BDS bill, as Congress mulls similar moves

While BDS has gotten most of its successes with low-hanging fruit like British academic unions and pop singers, the anti-boycott efforts are getting an enthusiastic reception in real governments, on the state and federal level. And that is because the message of the BDS movement – Israel as a uniquely villainous state – is fundamentally rejected by the vast majority of Americans.

A Tale of two blockades

Iranian and Swedish ships are trying to test two different blockades today. One is Saudi Arabia's devastating blockade of Yemen, which has half of the country on the very of famine. The other one is widely described as illegal.

Congressional testimony on ICC & Israel

Here is the full video of my testimony in Congress last week on the Palestinian efforts to join the International Criminal Court, with a particular emphasis on the precedential implications for the U.S. (My testimony starts at about 1:04:00 into the hearing.) The written testimony is here.

Testifying in Congress on ICC

Next Wednesday, Feb. 4th, I’ll be testifying at a hearing of the House Foreign Relations Committee, Middle East & North Africa Subcommittee, about the Palestinian bid to join the International Criminal Court. The hearing is open to the public. (That evening at 7:30 I will also be speaking at Georgetown University about piracy and the […]