A revealing New York Times headline

The headline "Campus Debates on Israel Drive a Wedge Between Jews and Minorities," suggests that the Times has absorbed the views of campus leftists that many other groups, but not Jews, count as "minorities."

Charleston School of Law to close?

From a statement: "We cannot in good faith enroll another class when, like last year, the school is spending more money than is coming in; when we cannot assure the students that they will be able to use federal student loans for their full three years; and when we cannot be sure the school will be able to maintain its license and stay open."

Guns on university campuses: The Colorado experience

Colorado's experience with college campus handgun licensed carry

Will an apology to Andrew Pessin be forthcoming from Connecticut College President Katherine Bergeron?

Connecticut College president Katherin Bergeron rushed to the defense of three professors serving as "interim deans of equity and inclusion," but has yet to speak up in defense of Professor Andrew Pessin.

“Equity and Inclusion” at Connecticut College (see important update)

Connecticut College activists claim that their attacks on pro-Israel professor Professor Andrew Pessin have nothing to do with Israel/Palestine. Events scheduled by the College's deans of equity and inclusion. suggest otherwise.

The hypocrisy and dishonesty of attacks on Connecticut College professor Andrew Pessin

A Jewish, pro-Israel Connecticut College professor is under attack by hypocritical and dishonest student activists.

Tribe considered “a traitor” for advocacy in climate change case

According to a former Obama Administration official, liberal constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe "has been weaponized by the Republican Party in an orchestrated takedown of the president’s climate plan."

Will an apology be forthcoming from U. Va. president Teresa Sullivan?

President Sullivan acted inappropriately in punishing the U. Va. Greek system for a crime that never happened. Will she apologize?

The 5 most under-represented groups in law teaching

According to recent estimates, law faculties are less representative ideologically than they have been for at least several decades.

“The Influence of Immanuel Kant on Evidentiary Approaches in Eighteenth Century Bulgaria”

Yes, really.

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