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This antitrust state-action doctrine case was argued at the Supreme Court last week, and I've recorded a podcast about it for the Federalist Society.

The debate over Amazon's conflict with publishers should focus more on a crucial benefit of Amazon's emphasis on cost-cutting: it increases public access to the marketplace of ideas.

Antitrust scholars in an upcoming Supreme Court case argue for denying state-action antitrust immunity to essentially private licensing boards.

Overly-restrictive licensing regimes raise prices, harm consumers, and are a drag on the economy.

  • Todd Zywicki
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  • Antitrust
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  • Aug 19, 2014
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The Ninth Circuit says the San Diego Convention Center can choose to do its cleaning through its own employees.

In Commissioner Wright's (and others') view, the FTC requires stronger evidence to believe in competitive efficiencies from mergers than to believe in anticompetitive harms. Is that right?

With an added link to Avinash Dixit and Gene Grossman's classic American Economic Review paper from 1984, "Directly Unproductive Prophet-Seeking Activities".

An open letter to Chris Christie, opposing the rule against direct auto distribution — which is really nothing but pro-dealer protectionism.

Zephyr Teachout of Fordham Law discusses an issue dear to my heart, which I've discussed in the context of privatization.

The Ninth Circuit could hear this case soon: might the 1922 baseball antitrust exemption be read narrowly or ultimately overruled by the Supreme Court?

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