Lyman Trumbull: The anti-slavery and pro-Second Amendment Senator and lawyer

Illinois Senator Lyman Trumbull was a leading champion of anti-slavery, the Second Amendment, and the rights of working people.

Herbert Hoover’s vice president, Charles Curtis, was American Indian

I did not know that.

“Scroggs C.J. always excepted”

A curious parenthetical in a famous case, and its now-largely-forgotten subject.

“If we had 12 fingers, I wonder whether the Bill of Rights … would have been 12 amendments long”

So tweets Neil deGrasse Tyson -- a plausible hypothesis, but it turns out that there were 12 amendments originally suggested.

Christmas for everyone: The Graland Christmas Pageant

Here's a selection of great versions of Christmas carols. And the true story about how Christians, Jews, and atheists celebrated Christmas together, at Graland School in Denver in the 1960s and 1970s.

Hillary Clinton’s best campaign song: The Yellow Rose of Texas

Although the new pro-Hillary song is terrible, her 2008 campaign song "The Yellow Rose of Texas" shows her strengths. More than just a love song, "The Yellow Rose" tells us about our multiracial past and present.

Watergate quiz

A quiz with 100 questions about the Watergate scandal

What do we learn from the Founding-era translations of the Constitution?

Learning from Founding-era translations of the U.S. Constitution

The Constitution was translated from English into German and Dutch at ratification.

The dangerous and controversial speakers of 1900 at the University of Michigan Law School

Guest speakers at the University of Michigan in 1900 incited controversies--and a riot.

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