Iceberg, Goldberg, …

Al Kamen at the Post has the scoop on a funny correction in a Supreme Court oral argument transcript.

New opera about the Patriots blaming a household pest for supposedly chewing on the footballs

It's called ...

Microsoft Spartan browser joke contest

Beware of Spartans bearing gifts? Will the browser have a minimalist interface?

Which is harder, federal courts or science?

Justice Breyer briefly compared the two at oral argument today.

My assessment of Justice Scalia’s reputation for sarcasm [UPDATED with response from Hasen]

A few thoughts on Rick Hasen's essay: "The Most Sarcastic Justice"

What’s the exchange rate between pounds, rubles, and dollars?

Time to revive an old joke.

And the winner for the best allusion related to the Lena Dunham controversy is …

Hints: (1) You probably won't get it unless you're at least in your late 40s, like me. (2) Think Barry.

Profs. Glen Whitman and Jim Dow, guest-blogging about ‘Economics of the Undead: Zombies, Vampires, and the Dismal Science’

I much enjoyed the book, and I'm sure you'll enjoy Glen's and Jim's posts.

(Theodore) Sturgeon’s Law, as applied to the invasive fish species problem

"90% of everything is carp."

“Word crimes,” by Weird Al Yankovic

An instant classic.

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