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Documents reveal some of the underlying dynamics that led a panicky Virginia State Bar leadership to cancel a meeting Israel.

The Google Scholar button is a helpful new feature to speed up online legal research for those who use the Google Chrome browser. Pretty nifty.

The Virginia State Bar has embarrassed itself by its ham-handed handling of a now-canceled trip to Israel. It's time for those responsible to apologize.

According to recent estimates, law faculties are less representative ideologically than they have been for at least several decades.

The State Bar, a state agency, has canceled a planned seminar trip to Israel.

Watch out, Justice Scalia says: Sometimes a Restatement isn't just a restatement.

“I always take aim at once at my adversary’s throat, and there I press him closely.” "It might possibly happen that what [you] called the throat was, in reality, the knee or the ankle."

Pretty cool achievement for Paul Hughes at Mayer Brown.

As the number of law students declines, the job outlook for law students is reportedly improving.

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