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A beautiful and exact guide to how we don’t build cities like we used to.

Incredibly, the change is the most pronounced in the children who need it the most.

And everybody tried to pull the narrative in their favored direction.



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A new study suggests most consumers aren't banking their savings at the pump.

From DIY coffins to plastic explosives, these artists are taking Ikea hacks to a whole new level

The union said it achieved “significant gains” compared to the previous proposal that members rejected.

The candidate will lay out a proposal for putting bankers who commit fraud behind bars.

At a Congressional hearing on the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, lawmakers from both parties question how the government comes up with its nutrition advice.

It's not job loss, exactly — it's "leverage."

It's a stunning shift.

It's not your imagination: America really is becoming more divided, both in terms of its wealth and its politics.

These are the U.S. counties where people are really struggling to get a good night's sleep.

A proposal for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans would have advised Americans to eat less meat in favor of plant-based foods. The idea, opposed by the meat industry, died on Tuesday.

Saturated fat may not be as evil as the government says.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has lots of wonderful commitments, but nobody's obligated to make sure parties respect them.

It solves a conundrum born deep in a South Dakota gold mine.

Other newsrooms organized in a cakewalk. It won't always be like that.

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