A short animation is a gripping window into the memory of a violent encounter with police.

Protection still isn't equal.

The former Arkansas governor tells a conservative economic group that blue-collar concerns are lifting Trump - and could sink Hillary Clinton



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The IMF is taking a hard stance on the need for debt relief

The price of killing rare species is not that high if you're rich.

Trump's economic platform actually makes more sense than you think, if he really supported it.

Child wellbeing looks very different in Minnesota and Utah and Mississippi.

More careful screening will make traveling more of a hassle. The question is whether it will make us safer from terrorists.

Young people have always been poor. But today's young people are poorer than most.

For many American workers, wages may be stagnant but benefits are booming.

The growth in health-care spending is set to rebound, outpacing the economy.

People still do dumb things when they're high.

The next time you hear someone say it, you can tell them it simply isn't true.

Sports and media empires are betting the one-day fantasy leagues can further hook sports junkies onto the real thing.

Researchers put civilians in a police firearm training simulator. The results were telling.

What the way we talk says about gay pride and lingering prejudice

When Trump's people ran the numbers on his wealth, they got up to $10 billion. That might be a little generous.

And this influences how they feel about programs for the poor.

Taxpayers never bought the cynical claim that they have to host a mega sports event just to fix their problems.

The placebo effect is real, and more complicated than we even knew.

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