Health Care

Studies are showing that if cancer drug prices reflected their value to patients, they'd cost less.

An unpopular provision to contain health care spending is under assault.

Three things to know about the new drug to treat low sex drive in women.

Why expanding health insurance to millions of people may make squeeze pharmacies' profits.

Fiorina is treading on thin ice, politically and scientifically.

Figuring out who's being paid and what's true in the world of celebrity endorsements isn't always easy.

The law's opponents predicted that employers would give workers fewer hours once the law went into effect.

The celebrity's Instagram post about a morning sickness drug attracted the attention of her followers -- and federal regulators.

Study finds pregnancy success rates are better with fresh, rather than frozen eggs.

Leave it to the world's largest seller of sugary drinks to tell people how to lose weight.

One more way that drug prices are anything but transparent.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans warns that skipping breakfast may cause weight gain. But stronger scientific evidence says otherwise.

The butter industry probably regrets paying for this study.

There may be a better way to spend our money to fight cancer than just trying to find a cure.

Dentistry feels so medieval

The video is part of a series triggering sharp reactions from conservatives.

A study shows people just don't like being told they are wrong -- even when they're wrong.

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