The highest earning college graduates don't go to Ivy League schools.

That's how Steny Hoyer ended up praising the bathrooms at a Hilton Garden Inn in Waldorf.

There’s a serious problem with how restaurants pay waiters and cooks.

With Uber's misclassification lawsuits in the news, independent contractors are asking why they shouldn't get the same benefits as employees for doing the same work.

It's grown dependent on contractors, who receive nowhere near the level of salary and benefits as staff — and are getting upset about it.

Behind the swinging doors of restaurant kitchens across the country, something is happening that most people don't know about but should.

People care about doing better than their peers.

Sen. Patty Murray is highlighting a package of bills that won't pass this Congress, but can be used as a template for local action, as well as presidential campaigns.

The real value of $15 varies a lot depending on where you live.

Much less than you think.

It's been a lot harder to create a market signal for farmworker welfare than it has been for being pesticide-free.

The animal rights group has found a new weapon in its battle against animals being used for entertainment: The idea that their handlers are in danger.

Hillary Clinton endorses a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers in New York.

Corporate America isn't unified in opposition — and has hesitated to fight something with so much popular support.

But what's the rationale for increasing the minimum in just one type of business?

A Wage Board convened by Gov. Cuomo decided that the the largest low-wage industry in the state wasn't going to change fast enough on its own.

Plenty of companies are proving that it's possible to run a digital services platform without treating employees like contractors.

In the wave of minimum wage increases, smaller cities may try to protect the employment prospects of their youngest citizens.

The numbers say that U.S. workers are getting less done this year. How could that be?

Buying more Made-in-the-USA goods helps burnish its image — but domestic manufacturing helps Wal-Mart's bottom line, too.

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