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It's not your imagination: America really is becoming more divided, both in terms of its wealth and its politics.

Donald Trump, populist? Think again.

"Get in line, and we'll take care of you with free stuff," was Bush's summary of Democrats' message to black voters.

Meet the ruthless billionaire investor Donald Trump wants for his Cabinet.

The middle-class "wins" in the Trump tax plan. They're not the only ones.

One chart tells it all, pretty much.

The data suggest that blacks are actually more likely than in the past to agree with Republicans about the economy.

The shutdown may be averted. But a bigger fiscal issue looms.

It was the defining issue for Republicans. Now it's no longer at the top of the agenda.

Other candidates soared by scoring points on free TV. The Wisconsin governor failed to.

Jeb Bush's tax plan would actually cut taxes for most hedge fund and private equity managers.

The interests of a few conservatives could push the Republican Party into a 2013 repeat.

The fight is so fierce because the stakes are so small.

Unlike some of her rivals, she has mainstream Republican views.

Amid the carnage, efforts to make a difference.

Visualizing just how insanely long the debates were

Controversies from her high-profile tenure at Hewlett-Packard resurfaced during the Republican debate.

Viewers tonight will get a good overall view of where the Republican Party stands going into next year's presidential campaign.

Betting exchanges can actually be used to predict the outcome of a race.

His positions on abortion, banking and more might not be entirely what you'd expect of a conservative.

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