The Taliban leader's destruction of the Bamian Buddhas is a symbol of the legacy he left.

According to revised projections released by the United Nations.

Hours before Yakub Memon is scheduled to be hanged for helping plan the Mumbai bombings in 1993, Indians are still arguing about death penalty.

It shows the U.S. president clutching a spear, looking at zebra, under the heading "Homecoming."

Kalam, a nuclear physicist who happened to be Muslim, was a beloved national icon.

From on-board arson to mid-air brawls, Chinese airlines have a well-earned reputation for mayhem.

The regime has been tearing down statues of Kim Il Sung across the country and replacing them with huge new statues of Kim senior and Kim junior.

Taiwan is outraged by what it calls a "targeted" drill; China denies a link.

Students at India's premier film academy protest a controversial government appointment of school chief.

A summer heat wave leads to new miseries for North Koreans

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