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The 273-to-156 vote revealed broad misgivings in both parties about the strategy's chances of success.
New House majority whip faces a big challenge this week -- as he tries to build relationships with his new colleagues in leadership.
The president says the offensive will not involve U.S. combat troops but airstrikes and support for allies.
We break it down by the numbers.
We break it down by the numbers.
Boehner, McConnell noncommittal on congressional role ahead of White House meeting later Tuesday.
Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) says the personal and financial costs of sending troops back would be too great and that Iraqis need to defend their own country.
Senate leader intensifies the political rhetoric surrounding the deteriorating security situation in Iraq by singling out GOP critics of Obama's Iraq policy.
Deterioriating situation hasn't rattled Democrats who once called for a total withdrawal from the country.
Republicans blast White House for failing to address the deteriorating situation in Iraq.
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