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Recent political history shows that questioning where a lawmaker lives rarely spells doom.
Never before has a U.S. senator and potential future presidential candidate traveled so elaborately to a third world country as part of a medical mission.
Senator is a longtime advocate for overhauling the War Powers Act.
A deal is set for announcement Monday with just four legislative days left until the summer recess.
Medicare's financial stability has been strengthened by the Affordable Care Act and other forces that have been subduing health-care spending.
Paul Ryan just lit a spark in the poverty debate.
Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) says the personal and financial costs of sending troops back would be too great and that Iraqis need to defend their own country.
House lawmakers remain focused on mismanagement despite wavering press attention.
Senate leader intensifies the political rhetoric surrounding the deteriorating security situation in Iraq by singling out GOP critics of Obama's Iraq policy.
Meeting will come as White House weighs potential military options to address deteriorating crisis.
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