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The possibility of one day using ground troops against the Islamic State and waiting to debate the issue until next year is supported by many Republicans.
Virginia senator suggests that failure by Congress to act essentially would be endorsement of Dick Cheney's preemptive war strategy.
New House majority whip faces a big challenge this week -- as he tries to build relationships with his new colleagues in leadership.
The 273-to-156 vote revealed broad misgivings in both parties about the strategy's chances of success.
The plan calls for training and equipping moderate rebels in hopes of stemming the growing threat.
Democratic leaders are at odds with many rank-and-file lawmakers, who want a large war powers debate during the lame duck session.
The House is expected to grant a short-term authorization this week, with the bigger war debate to wait.
Proposed authorization is expected to be approved in the House this week and would ensure 'robust oversight' of ongoing operations.
The goal is to keep the Republican ranks united and tilting hawkish.
Speaker responds to a message from Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and re-ups his support for counterterrorism operations in the region.
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