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Even if Washington goes 0-6 in its remaining games against Atlanta, it probably still wins the division.
Running backs drafted in the first two rounds are much more likely to be busts than wide receivers, so it could pay off to wait.
He has been the best all-around player on the best team in baseball.
Not having Daryl Washington or Karlos Dansby in the NFL's toughest division puts Arizona's playoff hopes at risk.
Uptick, yes, but even with NFL penalty emphasis stats bonanza unlikely for Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and other NFL QBs.
If Curry had his own "Big Three," perhaps the gap between him and James wouldn't appear as large.
The 2014 Royals are very similar to the 2013 Royals that broke their fans' hearts.
Lefties and righties have both been stymied by Kluber's breaking ball this year.
Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy and Marshawn Lynch could reach his milestones, but all are longshots.
Analyzing Neil Greenberg's results from the Washington Post Mock Draft.
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