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Robert Griffin III has some specific areas of concern: Timing, how long he holds the ball, footwork and a willingness to let it go.
New England has beaten the Broncos, Colts and Lions by at least 20 points each over the past three games and has won seven straight.
Struggles with blocking are at the heart of the Bucs' 1-8 start. So should the Redskins take advantage by blitzing, or rush four and watch for screens and draws?
According to Basketball Reference's Simple Rating System, the Toronto Raptors are 9.8 points per game better than an average team.
The Patriots have won seven straight and all four games this year when they were the labeled the underdog by the oddsmakers in Vegas.
The Dolphins have allowing the 10th fewest points scored per drive this season.
Beckham caught 10 of his 11 targets for 146 yards and two touchdowns, one of them a spectacular one-handed grab that will be on highlight reels for years to come.
It was just two seasons ago Griffin was running down the field leading this team to a playoff spot and earning himself Offensive Rookie of the Year honors. Now, we are at the tail end of one of the most spectacular flame outs in recent NFL history.
There are seven percent more runs scored at Fenway, the fifth highest multiplier among all parks in 2014, and significantly higher than AT&T Park in San Francisco.
The Chicago Bulls are 5-1 with Derrick Rose in the lineup this season, 4-4 when he isn't.
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