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"The Star-Spangled Banner" turns 200 this weekend.
Mr. Murphy, a ranking CIA official during the Cold War, wrote two well-received books about Soviet affairs.
Francis Scott Key's anthem keeps asking: Has the United States survived as a nation?
Thousands of people were on hand in Baltimore for the 200th anniversary celebration of the song's writing.
On Aug. 24, 1814, the British started a fire - and ultimately kindled a capital's future.
The day the Brits burned the Capitol and the White House and Whatnot
Attics and Alleys tour, concerts, exibits, Memorial Day Jazz Festival and wreath-laying ceremony.
Lt. Gen. Jubal Early's invasion of the North ended in the District with a desperate Northern defense.
Book sales, pancake breakfast, Move Me Festival, Earth day celebration, Green Living Expo and more.
Join Federal Eye reporter Steve Vogel for a live discussion about the impact of the government shutdown on veterans.
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