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American University since 2012 has been an exclusive higher ed 'partner' of the ballclub.
Center will house student-run ventures and will provide money to those that move beyond conception.
American University agrees to subsidize extra subway service when needed during Nationals' October postseason.
Washington's mayoral candidates clashed over proposals to improve the city's public schools in their first general-election debate, with the Democratic nominee characterizing her independent challenger as a loose cannon whose approach would lead to "ping-pongs in leadership."
35 days out, assessing the Senate field, Herald poll shows Coakley in trouble, Pat Quinn woos Olive Garden, Dems have big edge with small dollar donors.
Attorney General Eric Holder was just months into the job when he announced plans to prosecute the accused mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks and other alleged co-conspirators in a New York courtroom, rather than through the Guantanamo Bay military commission process.
Muriel E. Bowser and David A. Catania sparred nastily during the 90-minute face-off.
Georgetown music on the lawn, Pilates on the square, chocolate temptations, koto music, gargoyles.
Writer-director Claudia Myers's film won first prize at this year's GI Film Festival.
The debates for D.C. mayor should be accessible to as many people as possible.
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