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A digest of news from the District, Maryland and Virginia.
"Sculpture Now 2014," at American University Museum, features pieces that evoke nests, roots and branches.
If you'd like to participate, comment here or share your thoughts (a photo, too, if you like) on social media, using the hashtag #mymidtermfix.
Exhibitions covering an array of topics are open at museums in the Washington area, with more coming.
American University since 2012 has been an exclusive higher ed 'partner' of the ballclub.
Center will house student-run ventures and will provide money to those that move beyond conception.
Six Democratic mayoral candidates converge on the campus of American University in a bid for the votes of D.C. youth.
A man studies Chinese so he can get to know the parents he grew up with.
As U.S. troops prepare to end their combat mission in the country in 2014, students at the American University of Afghanistan fear that the school may not survive as the incubator of talent that Washington sought to create.
At the American University Museum, a look at three decades of complex, contemplative art.
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