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A Blacklist Andy Harris movement is afoot calling on local businesses to not serve the Maryland congressman.
The spending bill includes a report calling on the Capitol to catch up on rules for proper interaction.
The House has a duty to uphold federal drug laws in the District.
It's easy for Congress to meddle with the District of Columbia's decision to legalize recreational use of marijuana, but taking on the states is a different matter.
Drug and alcohol use was down across the board in 2014.
The D.C. Council chairman plans to send lawmakers a bill to implement the voter referendum in January.
City leaders are scrambling to assess whether there is a loophole to salvage Initiative 71.
Why won't GOP leaders fight what they themselves call a lawless power grab?
Elected officials and drug-policy advocates hoped to make the nation's capital the first place on the East Coast with legal pot. They wanted to use the District of Columbia as further encouragement for states to make their own marijuana laws, and they were optimistic that Congress wouldn't intervene, pointing to a Republican caucus that's far from unified against pot.
The development, which upends a measure voters passed by a more than 2-to-1 margin, shocked D.C. leaders.
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