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Hear a U.S. senator sing "This Land Is Your Land."
He could raise the height of a hurdle Clinton must clear, with or without him in the mix
Democrats attempting to pass constitutional amendment giving lawmakers ability to restrict spending.
The possible longshot presidential hopeful spoke to Chuck Todd about his platform.
Vermont's independent senator is mulling a presidential run -- and revamping the nation's campaign finance laws would be a major part of his campaign.
She arrives as formidable front-runner for 2016, but is trailed by criticisms about her 2008 loss.
Democratic senators tried to radically shrink First Amendment protection of political speech.
Senior House and Senate aides say the White House has privately conveyed the decision to top House and Senate leaders ahead of Tuesday meeting.
If the Clintons aren't behind a Bernie Sanders candidacy for president, they should be.
The plan calls for training and equipping moderate rebels in hopes of stemming the growing threat.
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