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Also: today's top stories: (1) Ebola's broader imprint; (2) U.S. economy holds strong; (3) top law-enforcement posts empty out; and (4) FBI's Snowden problem.
The GOP has been "captured" by tech incumbents, says a former Republican congressman who's "uniting the tribes" against them.
It's not just young people who can't pay off their student loans, many elderly people, especially women, struggle with these debts
Public health experts said the move could result in the opposite of its intention and spread the virus.
The GAO report found voter identification laws have a bigger impact on black and young voter turnout than on whites.
Democratic senators tried to radically shrink First Amendment protection of political speech.
We break it down by the numbers.
The state is moving toward Democrats but the party lacks the infrastructure to take advantage.
The president, who had vowed to act this summer, changes course in face of Senate Democrats' midterm fears.
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