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An autonomous car takes a test run in the Capitol to see how it fares against the impatient locals and lost tourists.
These days, Bill Shuster can't even dream of such maneuvers. He talks about the "finesse" game that he deploys, not the "power" politics of his father. "It's a different Congress," he said.
When are they coming? How much will they cost? Will they be safe? And will traffic jams be a thing of the past?
The Washington Post goes for a spin in Carnegie Mellon University's autonomous vehicle. Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) says it's the way of the future.
Town still considering legal options for supporting lawsuit filed by trail advocacy group
A map that went viral this weekend showing the richest Americans in each state got us thinking, which political party do they support?
White House warns states may start feeling the pinch next month; Congress under pressure to act
Primaries in 6 states, Oregon marriage ban unconstitutional, OFA quits fundraising, Roberts a rare sight in Kansas, and bookmark our new ad tracker!
When a transportation company needs some help on the Hill, who better to turn to than Robert Shuster, whose brother Bill runs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
The secretary and senator have miles to go, and McCain and Kerry are counting every one of them.
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