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Senators ask why federal auditors signed off on the climate change group's use of taxpayer money.
Senators ask why federal auditors signed off on the climate-change group's use of taxpayer money.
Access to some archives of five courts, including four U.S. federal appellate courts, were removed last month with little public notice.
Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa) wants to reform of how investigations of government watchdogs are conducted, in part because they take a long time.
Obamacare is #1. Always.
The dynamics shift in a hard-fought campaign, buoying Democrats' hopes of keeping the Senate.
Retiring Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin's final steak fry fundraiser may provide some much-needed sizzle for Rep. Bruce Braley, the Democrat locked in a close race to replace the liberal lawmaker.
GOP Senate candidate Joni Ernst says that her experience is part of a larger problem in the military and backs a tougher approach to the issue than many in her party.
The Drug Enforcement Administration paid an Amtrak secretary more than $850,000 over the past 19 years, according to an inspector general.
Michelle Nunn, Senate candidate from Georgia, is only the latest Democratic candidate to be exposed as a phony.
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