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Is the royal baby the new king of knitwear?
It's easy for Congress to meddle with the District of Columbia's decision to legalize recreational use of marijuana, but taking on the states is a different matter.
For most of his tenure, the president lagged in judicial appointments. Then Harry Reid changed the Senate's rules.
Banks, retailers, commuters and teachers will keep their temporary tax breaks for another year after Congress gave final approval Tuesday to a massive tax package affecting millions of businesses and individuals.
Sounds like Capitol Hill should brace for some eccentricity.
Tiffanie and Brittanie Snyder apparently know their way around burgundy and gold.
Unhappy Republicans say Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has given President Barack Obama a present this holiday season - a gift certificate good for confirmation of 12 judicial appointments, not long after the voters had delivered the Democrats a lump of coal in midterm elections.
"Millions March" and TNT's "Christmas in Washington" taping capped off the week.
During an interview about the deadline for signing up for health-care coverage, the president confesses that he's worried his gifts will fall flat.
Loretta Lynch was senior prosecutor in a 1999 case involving N.Y. officers accused of beating a Haitian man.
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