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Eighteen of the 24 members who are retiring voted for the bill.
We help you learn the new representatives by throwing lots of trivia at you.
The congresswoman won't contest her narrow loss to Sen. Brian Schatz.
Hanabusa trails Sen. Brian Schatz by fewer than 1,700 votes.
Friday's election in two Big Island precincts will go ahead as planned.
The congresswoman says she is worried people still recovering from a tropical storm won't be able to vote.
Friday's special election will decide the primary race between Sen. Brian Schatz and Rep. Colleen Hanabusa.
A new poll shows Sen. Brian Schatz (D) trailing by eight, while another shows him up eight. Welcome to polling in the Aloha State.
Get your popcorn ready. Primary season is back.
The math is against the challenger in Hawaii's very unusual prolonged primary.
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