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Leaders appear optimistic after failing to gain support for a border security measure Thursday.
Hundreds of other potentially dangerous pathogens were also in forgotten boxes on NIH campus.
Government's public health laboratories' handling of anthrax called "sloppy" and "inexcusable."
Government laboratories mishandled deadly microbes in five incidents in the past decade.
Lawmakers will ask about a report on the deadly ignition switch defect that went unfixed for years.
She's got a big idea from Silicon Valley (23andMe). Her business is on hold in Washington (the FDA).
With a leading conservative declining to mount a bid, McCarthy and Sessions to face off for the job.
Executives are expected to answer questions on the deadly ignition switch defect.
With Californian expected to replace Cantor, race for job of House whip is open and unpredictable.
Relying on allies, the House Whip is asserting momentum and hoping to seal the deal quickly.
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