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It is far too early to suggest that candidates will not doom themselves in 2014, as past years prove.
The non-apology, at new heights.
Tribbett, who wrote the 'Not Larry Sabato' blog until he shut it down on Tuesday, is a lifelong Redskins fan.
One Virginia state senator explains why he is standing up for Redskins fan who love the team name.
He said he didn't want the personal attacks on him by the critics to overshadow what he and the Redskins were trying to do.
Ben Tribbett, the blogger hired by the Redskins last month to defend the team's name, tweeted his resignation Monday night.
Republicans in the House of Delegates will read the primary result as a warning sign.
I missed it. Now what?
The Vietnam veteran and former Navy secretary says he's concerned about America's foreign policy.
First female chief justice intends to step down this year.
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