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The minority leader for the first time details part of how she thinks Democrats can make gains and possibly retake the House.
Split rulings on Obamacare, Congress taking up different immigration measures, Perdue wins in GA SEN, Oregon to vote on marijuana legalization, Hagan finally buys ad time.
Establishment takes NC, OH primaries, U.S. help to Nigeria, Shaheen leads Brown, Conway launches KY GOV bid, Chamber goes big on House races
The former presidential candidate is trying to help GOP contenders in November's midterm elections.
Lawmakers peppered Pentagon officials on Wednesday (Jan. 29) about claims that military chaplains have faced discrimination for their beliefs, and time and again, chaplains and personnel officials said they were unaware of any bias.
The votes aren't there in the House. At least not yet.
Will Republicans feel any pressure from a discharge petition?
The Nevada Republican knows he faces a tough challenge convincing colleagues and constituents that he's serious about immigration reform.
Meet Joe Heck, who faces significant political pressure on immigration from Republicans and minority voters.
Campaign is designed to jump-start debate on immigration reform ahead of next year's elections.
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