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A House Republican who chairs a subcommittee overseeing the District of Columbia is suggesting giving most of the District back to Maryland and "possibly" getting rid of the local government.
Some D.C. politicos just can't get close enough to Donald Trump.
Two lawmakers try to prevent future confrontations by building pre-existing friendship
Turner made his decision known in an interview with The Washington Post, saying he wants to restore bipartisanship on the panel.
John Mica did not inhale -- or roll the cigarette himself.
Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) will put his subcommittee's spotlight on D.C. decriminalization measure.
Measure passed by D.C. Council would remove criminal penalties for possession in nation's capital
Two politicians are proposing an upscale future for D.C.'s public golf courses, but their patrons are wary.
No one's afraid to denounce Darrell Issa's 'McCarthyism.'
Scary poll numbers for red state Dems, Clawson wins FL-19 primary, the GOP's demographics problem, AFP back on air in New Hampshire
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