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Optimists might think twice before seeing Congress' bipartisan agreement to keep the government running another year as a road map for 2015.
Spending bill brings into the open a struggle for the party's identity and direction ahead of 2016.
The automaker acted after Takata, the air-bag maker, refused a federal order to do a nationwide recall.
In a stunner, the Republican businessman beat Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown by focusing on economic issues.
Congressional lawmakers' reelections are almost a sure thing in this heavily Democratic state.
Candidates complain about money endlessly in campaigns. They rarely do much more.
Anti-gerrymandering activists run, bike and boat through Maryland's convoluted 3rd congressional district.
Everyone hates money in politics. Can Lawrence Lessig and the Internet help end it?
Plans to acquire MedImmune parent company AstraZeneca could mean lost jobs in Gaithersburg, they worry
Lawmakers have expressed concern jobs could be lost at the Maryland firm if Pfizer buys its parent company.
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