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Republican Sen. Marco Rubio hopes everyone's summer is off to a good start. Please send money.
The Hobby Lobby contraception-mandate ruling's reach is both wide and narrow.
It's "a business decision," says an RNC insider about choosing a city to host a presidential convention.
Obama to tap new VA Secretary, final SCOTUS decisions coming today, Canoodling Congressman likely to run again, Illinois expands early voting, and Dueling Alaska Datelines
Susan Collins backs gay marriage, Iraq's parliament will meet July 1, Chris McDaniel is not giving up and the super PAC turns four.
The Maine Republican was also endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign.
A onetime Army Ranger and former CEO of a Fortune 500 consumer products company, Robert McDonald may face his toughest challenge yet in fixing the huge, scandal-plagued Veterans Affairs Department.
Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Chris Christie, among others, are coming together.
The president will tap Bob McDonald, a West Point graduate, to lead the agency, White House officials say.
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