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Big Cuba winners: Cigar aficionados, MLB. House GOP officially at 247, Cuomo bans fracking, Sessions bows to Enzi on Budget, Warren vs. WH on TPP, so long Colbert.
Senate wraps the 113th, TRIA left out, what Franken's Clinton nod says about Warren, state govts add huge debt, and listing top staffers to incoming senators
The junior Texas senator does not matter so much.
The bipartisan FOIA Improvement Act stalled in the House, despite both chambers of Congress unanimously passing legislation to the same effect.
That's more than twice the ratio of races in 2000.
The Senate is convening today to move toward passing a $1.1 trillion plan to fund the government through most of next year, but partisan obstacles remain.
She became the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from West Virginia.
Eighteen of the 24 members who are retiring voted for the bill.
Some additional Senate staff members stand to be forced out of the health plan for federal workers under a policy adopted Wednesday by Senate Republicans.
Cobbled-together omnibus spending bill passed Saturday night is the result of Congress's inaction this session.
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