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At Pepco Edison Place Gallery, ephemera from the front line offers a soldier's-eye view of WWI.
The Washington electric company, a fixture for more than a century, is sold to nuclear energy giant Exelon
Trees were toppled and thousands lost power. In northern Maryland, a fatality was reported at a camp.
Customers who were switched to Exelon say things have run smoothly, raising hopes for Pepco users
Troubled, century-old local utility could see improvements under new owner, if deal is approved
Utility crews work to restore power tin the D.C. metro area after thunderstorms
Joe Rigby, who helped engineer his company's $6.8 billion sale, says facts and truth are key to managing
Cathedral ironwork tour, Neal Barnard on health, "The Nixon Tapes" talk, songwriting workshop, puppets.
About 20,000 Northern Virginians lost power and a southbound lane on Glebe Rd. shut down
Fairfax was hardest hit by the outages, as almost 2,800 customers lose power
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