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Many in the GOP see the select committee as their last chance to produce evidence of a coverup.
Frustrated, sidelined Hagel gets the axe, DNC down to 3 convention cities, Rep. Barber sues for votes, Iran talks extended, new FDA labeling rule out today.
Republicans' best hope to drag Obama down fizzles out.
But her bigger mistake was her failure to grasp the larger problem.
The new Republican chairman of the House select committee on the 2012 attacks in Libya plays it straight.
Julia Pierson faced hard-edged questioning, from Democrats and Republicans, as House lawmakers called for an independent investigation.
Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.
A House oversight committee examined the issue on Tuesday. Here are two charts that show the agency's funding and personnel levels.
The agency's director was bombarded during a House committee hearing.
The panel plans to hold its first open hearing Wednesday.
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